Photomash Mobile Application for iPhone and Android is here!

By Michael Alfaro on December 13, 2011
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The Local Wisdom team is thrilled to announce the launch of its second mobile app in 2011, Photomash.

This unique photo app gives iPhone and Android users the ability to take pictures and turn them into fun, creative images. Users simply take a picture with their phone, erase portions of the image with their finger and replace those portions with new pictures. Each time an area is erased, images available within view of their phone’s camera show in the erased portion, allowing the user to add a picture within a picture.

Photomash ChallengesOur team here at LW has used Photomash at parties, weddings, and even internal meetings and the Photomash challenges and templates provide a jump start for those who might need a little extra help getting their creative juices flowing. For examples of some inspirational Photomashes, check out the creations we’ve received so far.

Once you’ve finished perfecting your Photomash, you can share your creation with friends, family, even coworkers via Facebook and Twitter. For more information about Photomash, visit photomashapp.com, or peruse our Facebook page at Facebook.com/Photomashapp. To download Photomash for $0.99, visit the Apple App store on iTunes or the Android Marketplace.

Special thanks go to our R&D team:

  • Shawn Venkat, VP
  • RJay Haluko, Creative Director
  • Tim Jaeger, Sr. Information Architect & Mobile Developer,
  • Chris Smith, Programmer
  • Ryan Bailey, Programmer
  • Patrick Pierson, Programmer