Our work and how we do it

We provide 3 core services for digital platforms

Concept, Design, <br />& Develop

Concept, Design,
& Develop

Measure, Curate, <br />& Evolve

Measure, Curate,
& Evolve

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

How we work

Flex Process

Our process fluctuates based on our clients needs. Agile development and design processes work for some, while a waterfall process works for others. We work with you and your team to find the best possible approach.

No Silos

Strategy, Architecture, Design and Development leads work with stakeholders at the same time in the same room with rapid iteration in mind.

Ideation and strategy

We help clients get to the core of the idea: what is it? why make it? who would use it? Research the competition, market and audiences. Help plan the big picture strategy, time/cost assessment and tech feasibility.