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Project Services

Carefully crafted digital communication channels for
you to engage with your community

Our Projects are stand-alone missions to launch communication platforms. We take a product management approach to launch channels that meet business goals and provide value to your audience. We’re hell-bent on making our deadlines, and we’ll be sure there’s always time built in to talk about that last episode of…

Our Project Service is perfect when...

You need to launch or redesign a communications channel or add new functionality to an existing one.

You need help with audience, business, and technical research and recommendations.

You’re handed down ugly and messed-up digital channels and need to find a way forward.

You’re standing up a new comms function and strategizing the best mix of communication channels.

We’re here to give you the ability to communicate across your organization

  • Research and Recommend
  • Strategize Communication
  • Design the User Experience
  • Produce Content and Copy
  • Develop and Code
  • Test and Launch

We were born at the intersection of
design and technology

We’ve been launching digital platforms since the beginning of the internet. A lot has changed since then, but what’s still true is how passionate we get while on a mission to launch websites, intranets, email systems, productivity tools, mobile apps, or whatever digital platform. Get to know us; we’re the co-creation type with user-centric design philosophy, and we enjoy our craft.

We do project-based pricing centered on deliverables and timelines, so you don’t pay more unless the scope changes.

We love collaboration and co-creation because it allows us to get it out faster by rolling up our sleeves together.

Our typical projects range from 2 to 6 months, and we have a track record of delivering on time.

The channels we launch do everything from delivering news and information to facilitating collaboration and productivity.

We’re always learning, and we share our wisdom. You’ll always benefit from our collective advancement.

We are technology and service provider agnostic, as our primary goal is to solve your needs. We do have friends in high places.

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We’re experts at getting your comms off the ground.

Research & Recommend

We’ll dig in to do our own research from interviewing, auditing, and revewing what you have in order to provide our recommendations.

Communication Strategy

We’ll strategize the experience based on your goals and develop communication around what we are launching.

User Experience & Design

We’ll bring ideas to life, sometimes in real time, as we design the user experience from architecture, interface, and content.

Content & Copywriting

We’ll produce the content and copy for you, essentially becoming your personal wordsmith.

Development & Coding

From requirements gathering, to testing and launching (with several Redbull breaks in between), we’ll build out something beautiful for you.

Testing & Launching

We’ll check, double-check, and triple-check as we go live. And then we’ll check again.

Client logos
Client logos

"The launch of our mobile Intranet was definitely filled with pressure, but while working with Local Wisdom, it didn’t feel like a heavy lift, because everyone lifted together.”

- Director of Commercial Communications

Shall we talk about it?

There’s a lot we can do for you in various ways. Let’s discuss it and see if we are a good solution for you.