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Going back to the office? We have your back!

Local Wisdom gives you what you need to launch your Back to the Office Intranet with 50 key topics you should address and a SharePoint Modern template

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We anticipate returning to the office will be a challenge coming up for internal communicators around the globe, and we want to get you ahead of it. We compiled a list of 50 key topics internal communicators should address with employees and created a “Back to the Office” Intranet template for you, for free. We built this microsite template in Microsoft SharePoint Modern to give it a great look and feel while also making it easy to update. Our exclusive “Back to the Office” micro-site template has been gifted to you and expertly crafted for easy customization of architecture, design, and content with no-coding.


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“I believe when you give employees the tools and the information that they need, there will be a boost in production, customer satisfaction, goodwill, and overall employee morale.”

– Pinaki Kathiari, CEO, Local Wisdom


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Icons for Microsoft SharePoint, Key Topics Checklist, Video Tutorial, and Assets

Key Topics Checklist

Accees our exclusive checklist of 50 hot topics over 10 categories that must be considered and addressed in our return to the physical workplace.

Video Tutorial

CEO, Pinaki Kathiari gives you a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your very own “Back to the Office” micro-site using Microsoft SharePoint Modern.

Image Assets

Download captivating royalty-free, graphical image assets and copy manuscript templates you need to get you going and template Intranet ready.

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Have enough on your plate? You can have our team implement the micro-site for you.

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