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Resource Hero

Resource planning & time tracking in Salesforce

Our answer to the people management
challenges for service companies

Our answer to the people management challenges for service companies

Knowing how your people are utilized is essential when making business decisions on hiring, selling, and balancing workload. We know this because we’ve struggled with it for a long time.

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We learned the hard way how important it is to know when people are available for a project, to see how busy everyone in the company is, and to know if people are spending more time on projects than they should.

The beginnings

When we were 8 people, we used paper and pencil and updated it weekly. As we grew to 20 people and needed to do calculations, we moved onto spreadsheets. When we added additional managers, and needed to collaborate, we moved to Google Sheets.

At the end of the day, we struggled with errors, macros and formulae that would break, and numerous syncing issues. On top of it all, the data became outdated by the time we could consolidate it into an executive report.

We looked for other solutions in the marketplace, but we only found large inflexible systems that were costly and difficult to use. We actually gave up for a while.

Enter Salesforce, a flexible cloud-based database

It wasn’t until we began using Salesforce as a sales CRM when we began to see its potential. Resource forecasting could be built on top of the customizable and flexible Salesforce platform.

That’s when we joined forces with Bill Kuehler, who formerly led a Salesforce engineering team at Bank of America. With our interaction design and Bill’s Salesforce expertise, what had started as a customization to the Local Wisdom Salesforce org, turned into an MVP that would launch on the AppExchange

We launched Resource Hero with core tenants in mind

We believe that workload balance and profitability is achievable. We believe that companies should be able to customize Resource Hero around their established processes.

Our mission is to make a substantial and positive impact by: saving people’s time on data entry and reporting, helping companies utilize their resources more effectively, getting executives the key insights on the business at large, and ultimately getting the most out of the Salesforce investment.

Resource Planning

We focused on simplicity and ease of use from the beginning. Everyone already knows how to use a spreadsheet. Our forecast matrix is the easiest way to add resources and forecast their time for the future. As you forecast resources, you can see their availability in real time.

Time Tracking

A simple spreadsheet-like interface on desktop and a tap-and-go interface on the Salesforce1 mobile app makes tracking time easy and fast. This allows production teams to track their time quickly and get back to what’s important.

Powerful Reporting

We wanted to put the data and reporting in the hands of our customers to slice and dice as they wish. Beyond the Salesforce reporting engine, we have the Resource Hero dashboard tab allowing resource managers to get a birds-eye view that they can manipulate.

Other Apps and Add-Ons

In 2016, we began expanding our solution to provide more holistic resource management capabilities. We launched compendium apps like the Dashboard Kit to visualize the key resource data that many companies look for. To help sales and finance, we introduced a quotes and invoicing app that allows teams to quickly generate quotes and invoices from resources’ forecast or actual hours.

Success Thus Far

What started as a forecasting solution in 2013 has transformed into a suite of tools and features that can help companies solve a variety of resource management challenges.


revenue increases


rating on Salesforce


users from small
to large companies

What the Future Holds

We’re amid our fourth year in business. We continue to take feedback from our customers and assess the needs of the industry. This year, we have some exciting new features on the horizon, including the ability to find resources based on skills and attributes.

With a proven product on the market, we now begin focusing on marketing and promotions. Getting the word out to the amazing and vast Salesforce community will take priority. We’ll be growing our team and looking for product evangelists, marketing leadership, and inside sales.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to build a powerful solution that’s meant for companies big and small and helps them tackle the most challenging aspects of resource management.