Our Award Winning Weather App for iOS and Android Devices


Inside our award winning weather app and the custom tools we built to power it.

The merger of art + weather

Weatherwise is a free mobile weather app on iOS and Android featuring beautifully animated weather visualizations. Weather data dynamically animates every type of weather condition within day and night cycles. All of this is possible by custom software we built allowing artists to take their art work and animate it with weather data. The possibilities are endless, allowing our artists and designers creative expression in the unlikely medium of weather.

Beautiful form with high fuction

Great UX is parmount to everything we do at Local Wisdom, and weatherwise is no exception. We aimed to make an easy to use app with all the features users came to expect with a weather app. Our universal app works great on tablets as well as phones.

Hourly, 24 hour and
weekly view

Quick 7 day view

Theme management with our store

Creating the tools to bring creative weather visualizations to life

The Problem

We had a beautiful themable weather app, but creating themes was a time consuming and complicated task. It could take up to two weeks to create a complicated theme. Creating a theme needed dozens of text files, hundereds of images and connections to weather variables. Teaching artists how to create themes ended being a highly complicated process.

The Solution

Our solution was to build a software package to build themes on the 2D game engine powering weatherwise. The UX and design of our software followed patterns that were familiar in modern animation and image editing software. Our twist was creating an optimal way to bind animation and graphics to dynamic weather data while maintaining a quickly preview of the outcome.

Watch a theme’s weather condition get built in realtime with our software

Explore hundreds of artfully created weather conditions

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