A Free and Fun Game for all Ages Built for iOS Devices

Wooble Attack

One of our earlier experiments into game design for iOS using Unity 3D

Wooble Attack served as a great stepping stone for our team’s experience in creating games and app using unity 3D. Our team learned invaluable skills to aid in the complicated process of game design

A fun game for all ages

We set out to create a simple game for all to play but with a difficult that was hard to master. The game is very simply a color matching game with devious characters that mix it up.

The journey of creating Wooble Attack helped us appreciate game development in a way we couldn’t have before we began. Local Wisdom’s specialty is in large scale web and app development, so creating a game was a different beast to tackle.

We quickly learned how to streamline our UX, design and development pipeline to support each other during the games development. Our team’s multi disciplinary skill set enabled us to use our 3D and animation talents in ways we never do on our website projects.

Along the journey we discarded some game ideas

Wooble bomb wave ended up being cut after we found many of the game mechanics weren’t up to our standards of fun.