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Create a Scalable Internal Communication Team

Our Internal Communication Team Maturity Assessment tells us that 75% of communication teams are four or less people. We can help.

Internal Communication teams are typically understaffed and under-resourced. Based on our data: 40% of internal communication teams work in a chaotic and overwhelming environment, 76% of team members wear multiple hats, and a vast majority cannot prove they contribute to business outcomes.

Our Comms Team Maturity Model outlines how companies can level up comms capabilities; however, companies can also move backwards. Budgets cuts, layoffs, and re-organizations cause many obstacles in communication (and culture), leaving organizations with a heavy need to cascade information with very little support.

Whether you’re rebuilding or starting from scratch, we can fill in the gaps, grow your impact, and scale your comms team.

We are a supplement to your existing staff. Our Studio service equips you with a team of digital communication professionals, dedicated full-time to you. Our team comes with our own processes, tools, and wisdom to get you the comms support that you need.

Having a strategic communication arm in your arsenal will give you the time and headspace to focus on other important business initiatives. Our team is there to help move you forward as an organization.

Perfect for vice-presidents and directors who are leading:

Internal Communications

Here’s how we’ll get you going

Number 1

Identify Your Resourcing Needs

Together, we will formulate a plan to determine the proper personnel your group needs to thrive. We will gather information, assess areas for improvement, and present a solution that fits your needs.

  • Define your objectives
  • Evaluate your current staff
  • Forecast your departmental needs

Recruit and Provide Dedicated Talent and Skills

Our people vet talent based on your needs and our experience in managing digital content production. Your Studio team becomes embedded in your team and culture, giving you full-time support while genuinely understanding your business. You’re able to rely on your Studio team to support:

  • Communication and campaign strategy
  • Content creation and copywriting
  • Editorial management and publishing
  • And so much more…
Number 2
Number 3

Facilitate Orientation and Develop Processes

We’ll hit the ground running. During onboarding, we’ll outline best practices and establish expectations on how we’ll work together. This includes:

  • Meeting regularly
  • Defining voice and cadence
  • Accessing technology
  • Publishing processes and quality assurance
  • Determining how we track our work

Solutions Team

Additional headcount without the hiring headache

You get the headcount in the form of our full-time consultants without having to deal with administrative, management, and financial or red-tape burdens associated with full-time employment.

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What Technology? Well, What Do You Use?

Local Wisdom is a technology-agnostic shop. We use what our clients already have to the fullest and have an array of expertise with technologies and solutions to recommend.

Software logos
Software logos

The missing piece to your puzzle

Whatever your communication needs, we’ve got your back. Our Studio service is a 12-month engagement that scales to support you as your needs evolve. No need to worry about resourcing. We got this.

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