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Get the Right Technology for Communicating to Frontline and Deskless Employees 

Frontline and deskless employees are the backbone of
your business, and often the most difficult to reach. 

Organizational updates, announcements, and other vital information should be accessible to everyone, not just those who work behind a computer screen. If you have a population of employees who serve your business by working on the front lines (or who are deskless) and you’re unable to reach them via established channels, it’s time to make your comms more inclusive. 

Together, we’ll assess the needs of your frontline and deskless employees, and determine how to best communicate with them so that they’re informed and able to focus on their work. They’ll be more aware of what’s going on within the company and you’ll feel at ease knowing they’re able to receive the important updates they need. We call that a win-win. 

With the right technology, it’s possible to establish effective communication practices with frontline and deskless employees. 

When frontline and deskless employees are more informed, customer service improves, productivity increases, and your organization will have a workforce that’s more engaged and present. Then, all your employees have access to the information they need so that they can focus on their work—not on worrying about being left out. 

Perfect for companies looking to engage
frontline and deskless employees who...

Don’t manage an email inbox
as part of their role
Aren’t able to use their cell
phone while working 
Travel frequently and need
to receive information quickly 

Here’s how we can support you

Understand Your People's Needs 

To kick things off, we’ll do some internal auditing within your organization to understand the frontline and deskless experience and determine how to best communicate with them. At the same time, we’ll sync up with your leadership, IT, legal, and privacy teams to make sure we factor in their needs and objectives. We stay snappy because we aim to get what we need quickly to begin our vetting process.

Number 1

Recommend Our Top Tech, Tools, and Techniques

Based on our conversations with your people, we’ll take a rubric-approach to vet the multitudes of technology options. We not only check the box to know that a specific feature is available, but we work with tech vendors to see how it will specifically work for your needs. With that, we’ll present our top three technology options and how they would work for you and your people.

Number 2

Facilitate Tech Vendor Discussions

We’ll make introductions and connect you directly with the teams at our recommended companies and play the role of facilitator as we make our final technology choices and move into contract negotiation. Our goal is to make sure we find the best fit for you; therefore, it’s important for you to know that we are technology agnostic and we do not accept referral fees from technology vendors.

Number 3

Take It to the
Next Level

Once we’ve made our picks, we can get you up and running with the many solutions we have, like launching and evolving communication channels, migrating content, managing content production, and more.

Number 4

Subscription Services border

Solutions Small Team

A nimble team to get you going fast

We want to help you make wise decisions quickly so we can get moving on building out your organization’s employee experience. For that reason, we bring on a small and adaptable team.

Quick-hit research to make
wise choices

Our Project engagements are stand-alone missions that get us to a specific deliverable. We pride ourselves in being fast, adaptable, and always high-quality.

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