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Internal Communication And Digital Content Team Maturity

Pinaki Kathiari

By Pinaki Kathiari
Chief Executive Officer

Internal Communication And Digital Content Team Maturity

We’ve created a roadmap to help anyone looking to level up their internal communications, by allowing them to see where they are today, envision where they want to go, and plan a course to get there.

The importance of employee experience has ascended dramatically

Without a doubt, a favorable employee experience has proven itself to be an essential need for a successful organization. Because of this, internal communication has risen as a function to promote positive employee experience by churning business needs into messages that move team members to action. Simultaneously, internal communication enables employees’ voices to be heard and acknowledged by leadership. Company culture, employee experience and internal communication are competitive differentiators in today’s landscape. That being said, internal communication is often an after-thought and typically on a tight budget.

So how can we help? The first step is for you to review our internal communication maturity model for digital content teams below. Next, you can take our assessment. We will provide you with a defined analysis of where your team currently stands, and help you develop a tangible plan to share with your leadership team that will allow you to enhance your company’s internal communication strategy and directly improve your employees’ experience.

92% of HR and Business leaders ranked Employee Experience a top priority for 2021.

Through the work, research, and involvement in the internal communications community at Local Wisdom, we’ve honed in on the core structures, skills, resources, and mindset necessary to evolve your digital communications and content production.

The rise of internal communication maturity

If you are building, managing, and overseeing internal communications maturity in your organization, you’ll want to take a look at our model. Consider the levels we’ve outlined as a map. A map that allows you to pinpoint where you currently are, envision where you want to go, and get a high-level idea of what you need to get there.

This internal communications maturity model is born through our core value of “learn by doing and share our wisdom.” Our goal is to continue to evolve the model and support communication teams as they mature to their desired level.




How can you find out your internal comms team’s current maturity level and learn how to best level up?



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