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Weatherwise 3.3 Update Available for iOS

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Weatherwise 3.3 Update Available for iOS

Just as Winter has arrived in Princeton Junction, the Winter update to Weatherwise has arrived in the App Store. Local Wisdom, the company behind Weatherwise, is thrilled to get all new features in the hands of users.

On the software-side of 3.3, the focus is on Locations and Themes, where users can now more granularly control how they want to see their weather in their locations. Users with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ are going to be delighted with the upgraded views and scenes.

On the Theme Store side of 3.3, the focus was on Cities and Countries, with an all-new bundle featuring beautiful photo-realistic animations from all around the world, featuring New York City, Australia, Rome, and many more.

Users are going to love the new and free added theme, called “What To Wear.” This theme uses incoming weather data to present icons about what to wear, as well as animating the clouds, rain, and snow blowing in the same direction as the wind.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Support


Any of Weatherwise’s users with an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus are going to be delighted that their favorite weather app and all of their themes now display beautifully on Apple’s latest devices. More art and more weather fits on your phone than ever before.

Location and Themes

How Weatherwise users view their weather is now even more customizable. In the past, Weatherwise let users to either select a single theme for every location, or a random theme on every app launch. Now, with Weatherwise 3.3, users can select any theme for any location or a random theme for any location, and this includes the current location! All users have to do to take advantage of this powerful and fun feature is swipe down to reveal the location search view, tap on the circular UI button on the side of a location, and pick the theme they would like to associate with this location.

We’re really excited to get this feature on user’s devices and hear about how they like to display their weather!

Cities and Countries

Developer and designers have been working in tandem to make this the best release of Weatherwise ever, and we’re proud to release 20 all-new themes that take advantage of the latest in Weatherwise’s data visualization technology. Visit the aurora borealis in beautiful Swede, the sweltering summers of Australia, or the windy cityscapes of Chicago. The amount of animated sunshine and the phase of the moon in each of these themes is tied directly to real-world, real-time data. These are the most beautiful and most powerful themes that have ever graced your locations.

A new theme for free: What to Wear


To fully utilize Weatherwise’s sophisticated visualization technology, we had to re-think how we design Weatherwise themes. So, in addition to an updated Zen Tree, all users now have in their themes a new option: What to Wear. The digital center dial of this theme rotates tell users the wind direction at-a-glance, no need to open up the Forecast view to see the direction. At the bottom of the digital center dial live three icons, which are triggered by weather states, temperatures, and sunlight to give you, at a glance, tips for types of clothing. This is perfect for those who check the forecast for their commute. Finally, the beautiful glowing sunlight at the bottom of the display conveys to the user, at a glance, the amount of UV tradition the sun is emitting in real-time.

What’s next?

We’re still working on a lot of improvements to Weatherwise here at Local Wisdom. Of course, we cannot predict what’s next for Weatherwise because it’s you who gets to decide what comes next. We invite you to email us with requests, suggestions, or simply a friendly hello. Thanks for using Weatherwise!

Weatherwise is a free mobile weather app on iOS and Android featuring beautifully animated weather visualizations by independent artists. You can find it on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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