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Welcome to Our New Virtual Home!

Liliana Torres

By Liliana Torres

Welcome to Our New Virtual Home!

What’s shiny, brand new, and digitally in vogue? Well, I wish it was my car, but it happens to be the NEW Local Wisdom website! Launched today, we are excited to welcome you to our new virtual home.

At first thought, updating your brand identity can seem daunting. How much time is it going to take to revamp our image, our brand, our messaging? Is it worth it or should we be comfortable with what we have? We had those questions. Understanding your company values and goals can achieve the strong visual components needed to solidify your brand and differentiate it from others. It makes hitting the refresh button on your brand all the more necessary.

Why We Did It

With our recent move from Princeton to Lambertville, we wanted to rediscover who we are, what we do, what digital experiences mean to us and the world, and simply ask ourselves: what is digital, anyway? We believe digital experiences should enhance and connect your lives while continuing to teach and evolve us as a community.Through our expertise in design, content management and web development, we can cultivate digital experiences that are catalysts for better communication, storytelling and creativity. Thus, our new virtual home invites you to experience the digital world in a more meaningful way.

New Home, New Design

Portraying and transferring those ideas onto visuals is no easy feat. The transfer of our brand messaging to our visuals is linked to key words and the employees who make up our identity. A company’s vision is comprised of the teams within it and knowledge of its audience. Local Wisdom is a nimble team of strategic thinkers, web builders, problem solvers, and artists. It was important to convey this through the iconography and imagery represented on the site. The use of angles and straight lines reflect the efficient behaviors of our team and work ethic. We thrive on storytelling, and the combination of a strong color palette and swift animations allow for a better understanding of what we do.

We are excited to share in the celebration of this milestone with you and hope you’ll take a walk through of our virtual home and visit often!

The Local Wisdom Team

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