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Saying Goodbye to Our Dearest Weatherwise App

Pinaki Kathiari

By Pinaki Kathiari
Chief Executive Officer

Saying Goodbye to Our Dearest Weatherwise App

It’s with a heavy heart and fond memories, that we say goodbye to our beloved Weatherwise mobile app for iOS and Android.

By the end of this year, the Weather Underground API, which powers our weather data, will be retired by the Weather Company.

Local Wisdom Labs has been funding the app since 2011 and since this latest API change will require additional time and costs, we have made the tough decision to retire Weatherwise.

  • On 12/21/2018, we will be removing Weatherwise from the Apple App and the Google Play stores.
  • You’ll be able to enjoy our app until 12/31/2018 when the Weather Underground API will no longer be in service, and Weatherwise will fail to load the weather.
  • At this point you should wipe that tear, take a deep breath, and delete the app.

We do not, nor have we ever, collected any information on our users, therefore you do not have to worry about your privacy.

Weatherwise remains in our hearts always and forever. It was our first mobile app product out of our Local Wisdom labs. It paved the way for our other apps such as: Wooble Attack, PhotoMash, Resource Hero, PolyWorld, and so many more ideas that were never unleashed. The labs is our playground for building stuff, breaking stuff, and learning from real world experience.

We thank the millions of fans for supporting us, our artists who’ve designed stunning weather themes, and the extremely talented designers, developers, and architects that breathed life into it.

We want you to enjoy Weatherwise to the fullest on its last days, use promo code “SUPERFRIEND” to unlock all 77 themes and post your favorite theme #goodbyeweatherwise. 

If you’d like to learn more about the story of Weatherwise, visit our Weatherwise Labs page. If you have ideas on revitalizing Weatherwise or have interested in the technology behind it, contact us with your idea.