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Build Platforms and Programming for Talent Development and Employee Retention

Career development that’s fun and invigorating, not a chore. 

How do you retain top talent? High performers will always be open to new opportunities where they can thrive. That will never change, so what can you do to keep them in-house and not in pursuit of greener pastures?

When you crunch the numbers associated with replacing these individuals, from recruiting to onboarding, these inquiries quite literally turn into million-dollar questions.

Local Wisdom specializes in building platforms and programs that help employees and leadership understand collective areas of strength and improvement. Because when employees feel empowered and supported during their tenure, they’re more likely to stay.

Developing, integrating, and communicating initiatives that impact retention and are understood by employees is a heavy lift. Good thing you don’t have to do it alone.

An investment in talent development is an investment
in the future of your organization.

As our partner, you’ll benefit from our decades of experience building, launching, and implementing employee-centered initiatives and programming. Together, we’ll balance the unique needs of your organization to ensure your highest performers see a clear path for growth. Let’s get into it. 

Perfect for director-level business leaders looking to invest in their
employee's career development by enhancing...

Career Pathing
Competency Frameworks
Employer Branding
Skill Development
Talent Attraction
Talent Retention

What Technology? Well, What Do You Use?

Local Wisdom is a technology-agnostic shop. We use what our clients already have to the fullest and have an array of expertise with technologies and solutions to recommend.

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Here’s how we’ll get you going

Develop a Game Plan

Before we formulate your customized strategy for talent development and retention, we’ll dedicate time toward research and discovery. With your end goal in mind, we’ll: 

  • Review your current practices
  • Assess any competency models or frameworks in place
  • Audit internal comms capabilities
  • Audience and business interviews
Number 1

Focus on User Experience 

Tech muscle without the hassle. Our UX designers and technologists will collaboratively work with you to ensure that your platform for talent development is easy to use — and manage.

  • Information architecture and wireframing
  • Coding, programming, and customization
  • Testing and quality control
  • User access and permission
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Encourage Employee Participation 

Prior to launch, we’ll determine the right mix of comms tactics to deploy so that your talent development platform and programming instantly connects with your employees – and inspires them to get involved!

  • Tailored pilot and launch strategy
  • Copywriting and content design for all types of media
  • Content management, testing, and publishing
Number 3

Provide Ongoing Support

Long-term success comes from a regular cadence of discussions that focus on how your talent platforms and programs are connecting with employees. We’re here to support you through:

  • Regular meetings to receive updates and plan ahead
  • Ongoing team correspondence and communication
  • Observation of key metrics and trends to inform action
  • Keeping track of audience feedback and feature updates
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Solutions Team

We’ll have fun building a digital product together

Your talent development and retention platforms are built custom to the teams that work in your organization. We take a product management approach to technology and help you design it with your people’s needs and business objectives in mind.

Getting you to launch and beyond

Our Project and Subscription models are ideal for this solution. With these models, we can support your team as a standalone mission, or we can scale from a dozen hours per month to provide ongoing support.

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