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Design, Build, Launch, and Manage SharePoint Intranets and Microsites

Microsoft SharePoint gives managers many ways to collaborate and present information. We’re here to help you unlock its endless potential.

As a manager, you have competing priorities to juggle and goals to meet every day. You’re expected to facilitate change management, encourage best practices, and serve your organization. 

If you run a shared service or have been tasked with steering a company-led initiative, having a dedicated place where relevant updates and essential information lives will make your life easier.

Microsoft 365 offers many ways to launch communication channels quickly, but there’s tech and design expertise that goes into doing it right and managing it effectively. That’s where we come in.

When you partner with Local Wisdom, you’ll sidestep common roadblocks experienced during the process of developing a SharePoint Intranet or microsite.

Enter flexible, no-pressure service models that give you the talent, time, and know-how to launch and support your SharePoint Intranet.

Wherever you are in your Intranet journey, we’ll help you map out the perfect approach to make it all come together seamlessly.

Here’s what we’ll do together

Number 1

Design and Build your SharePoint Communication Site

Your dedicated Local Wisdom subscription team will work with you to architect, design, and build a branded, custom SharePoint Communication Site featuring elements like:

  • News feeds for announcements
  • Calendars for upcoming events
  • A resource center for documents
  • A streaming video repository
  • Custom SharePoint Lists and Libraries

Launch with a Promotional Campaign for Adoption

You can have the most informative Intranet, but if nobody knows about it, then it’s not useful. We’ll create a powerful launch campaign and encourage ongoing employee engagement.

  • Audience-centric messaging
  • Campaign strategy
  • Compelling content creation
  • Hands-on support during launch
Number 2

Work on the everyday needs of your SharePoint Intranet

From planned campaigns to time-sensitive announcements, we are here to help you dispatch all your communication needs.

  • Project management and coordination
  • Editorial content management
  • Content publishing
  • User experience and graphic design
  • Development and feature enhancements
Number 3

Spanning the Microsoft 365 ecosystem

We help organizations fully leverage their Microsoft investment.

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Steadfast talent, within reach and ready for you

Based on your team’s needs, budget, and communications volume, we’ll assemble the right talent and recommend a monthly allotment of hours of support for you. Throughout our subscription, we can scale up or down based on your needs.

Perfect for managers who are leading:

Cross Team Workstreams
DEIB Initiatives
Human Resources
Information Technology
Process Excellence
Shared Services
Town Hall Meetings
Workspace Operations

We’ll up-level your intranet, together

Whatever your communication needs, we’ve got your back. Our Subscription service is a 12-month engagement that scales to support you as your needs evolve. No need to worry about resourcing. We got this.

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