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Drive Engagement and Innovation through Annual Awards

Showcase exceptional work, set a standard of excellence,
and build lasting experiences within your organization.

Every day, people in your organization are doing incredible things. And yet, it can be hard to foster a culture of recognition if there isn’t a way to celebrate individual efforts company-wide.

When done well, annual awards elevate the employee experience significantly. Forward momentum is important, but so is recognizing the good work that is done along the way.

Companies that prioritize recognition programming develop stronger connections with their employees over time, while also reinforcing a standard of excellence that everyone can aspire to.

If it feels like employee engagement is stagnant at your company, then it's time to rethink how you’re approaching employee recognition. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone.

Recognition is more than a pat on the back – it's about creating
an atmosphere where employees feel seen and appreciated. 

Producing an engaging and entertaining awards show takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it because your people will experience the intentionality behind every detail. Whether you’ve held annual awards for several years or you’re just getting started, our team is here to ensure your next event is seamless – from the moment you receive the first submission to the time the last winner is announced.

Perfect for organizations that have:

A sub-population of
employees who have the
same title, but are focused on
different business functions
A workforce that is spread
out geographically or
consists of a mix of remote
and in-person
Departments that are siloed
and otherwise wouldn’t be
aware of another area’s
Strong employee
experience programs and
are looking to enhance their
recognition programming 

Here’s what we’ll do together

Design Your Program and Theme

The theme of the event is what ties everything together, so that’s what we’ll focus on first. Through a series of discovery sessions, we’ll learn more about the goals for your event and ensure that we’re architecting an experience that achieves your objectives.

Once we’ve landed on a theme and how the program will be structured, then we’ll bring your vision to life visually with design elements like a custom logo, web and presentation graphics, and mockups of trophies or swag.

Number 1

Build an Easy-to-Use Awards Platform

Behind every recognition program is a system for collecting submissions, communicating with judges, and selecting winners. During this stage, we’ll partner with your IT team to ensure everything works together effortlessly behind the scenes (and looks great, too).

However your program is structured, we can build a platform to support it. A bonus output from this stage is that all processes and procedures for running your annual awards will be documented for future reference.

Number 2

Plan a Launch Strategy that Sparks Excitement

Leading up to your event, we’ll plan a launch strategy that is customized to your show. Together, we’ll figure out the right mix of tactics and then our team will take care of design, testing, and deployment of content through all phases.

Based on the landscape of communication within your organization, these comms could be shared via established channels of communication or through brand-new avenues of promotion.

Number 3

Produce and Manage Your Virtual, Live, or Hybrid Awards

When it’s time for the big event, we’ll make sure your show is as flawless and fabulous as you’ve dreamed it to be! Our team will coordinate all the behind-the-scenes logistics beforehand and facilitate the show when it’s go-time, including:

  • Oversight of the judging system and confirmation of winners
  • Run-of-show, talking points, and presentation visuals
  • Dress rehearsals, speaker prep, tech checks, and anything else related to production
Number 4

Manage Post-Show Comms

It’s all about the after party! Once the event is over, we’ll take care of all post-show content so that you can keep celebrating.

Winners will receive a second wave of recognition when they’re showcased on your internal social media, messaging platforms, intranet, or newsletters. Any photos or videos will be collected and posted so that the fun can be relived again and again.

Number 5

Collect Feedback and Review Metrics

We’ll aggregate quantitative and qualitative data to help us determine the overall effectiveness of your annual awards. Recognition exists beyond a single event, and the following data points will illuminate areas where improvements can be made:

  • Web traffic and email analytics
  • Overall number of nominations
  • Attendees and show engagement
  • Post-show surveying
Number 6

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Solutions Team

Let’s build an award-winning awards show

Whether you’re program is like the Oscars, MTV music awards, or a Nobel Prize Ceremony, our team will bring it together with the right branding, media, and je ne sais quoi it needs to win the hearts of your people.

We’ll break a leg together

Our Project and Subscription models are ideal for this solution. With these models,
we can support your team or create a full-time center of excellence for your entire organization.

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