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Manage Communications for Human Resources and Employee Engagement Initiatives

We help you communicate vital, actionable information to your employees with clarity, consistency, and empathy.

Hot take: Companies looking to improve engagement and productivity will get more bang for their buck when they invest in the development and management of their internal comms, not another pizza party or ping pong table.

No shade to work perks like pizza or ping pong, but this isn’t pivotal to keeping employees engaged. Communication is key.

As any HR professional knows, the announcements, updates, and reminders that come from the people team are vital to organizational health and impact employee experience in a big way.

However, creating and releasing this content alongside other competing responsibilities can be a significant challenge. That’s where we come in.

The future of your comms is bright – and sustainable.

Whether you need help streamlining your current comms or are launching a new engagement initiative, we’re here to help. We’ll ensure your processes are sustainable and that your messaging connects, because you can't have an engaged employee without first having an informed employee.

Here’s how we can support you

Understand Your Comms Landscape and Capabilities

To kick things off, we’ll do a bit of discovery. The better we understand how you’re communicating with your employees, the better the recommendations we can make.

  • Audit existing content and tech capabilities
  • Research audience to determine gaps in connection and understanding
  • Initiate conversations with key internal stakeholders
  • Present findings and provide recommendations
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Strategize and Set Goals

Once we have the lay of the land, we’ll identify key areas for improvement and provide a path forward. Together, we’ll outline milestones to work toward that are realistic and impactful.

  • Establish goals and metrics for success
  • Assemble and manage your team of creative and tech talent
  • Develop internal presentations and proposals to help you gain buy-in
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Create and Publish High-Quality Content

No more staring at a blank screen wondering how to communicate what’s been directed. Our team of experienced writers and designers will help you create and publish content that makes an impact.

  • Editorial calendar management
  • Copywriting and graphic design for all digital mediums and channels
  • Capability to build, test, and publish approved content across platforms
Number 3

Develop Engaging UX and Digital Design

Tech muscle without the hassle. Our UX designers and technologists will collaboratively work with you to ensure that your platform for talent development is easy to use — and manage.

  • Information architecture and wireframing
  • Coding, programming, and customization
  • Testing and quality control
  • User access and permission
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Ongoing Support and Attention

Long-term success comes from a regular cadence of discussions that focus on how your comms are connecting with employees. When the target moves — which it will — we’ll be ready.

  • Regular meetings to receive updates and plan ahead
  • Ongoing team correspondence and communication
  • Observation of key metrics and trends to inform action
Number 5

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Solutions Talent

The right talent for the right experience

We get excited by different things and this is true for all the teams at your organization. We’ll bring the right people to the table to support your teams in the way that works for them and gets you to your employee experience goals.

Extend your team and capabilities

Our Subscription and Studio models are ideal for this solution. With these models, we can scale from a dozen hours per month to support your team or create a full-time center of excellence for your entire organization.

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