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Manage Internal Communication
and Content Production

Managers need support for their communication needs. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t have the resources to help them.

The ability to communicate across a workforce is critical to the success of a business — and at the same time — effective communication requires precious time, energy, and resources.

Many companies have experts within internal comms, marketing, and IT, but often these teams lack the bandwidth to support the comms needs of an entire organization. We see it all the time.

Pulling from decades of experience, we support clients who need help managing internal comms and producing great content through strategic messaging, compelling copy, and engaging design.

Together, we will ensure your employees are getting the information they need to feel connected, and that your business is in a position to thrive.

Enter a center-of-excellence model to help support managers while ensuring high-quality communication

Our Subscription and Studio models are ideal for this scenario. With either model, anyone at your organization will have access to ongoing support for all their digital communication needs.

Here’s how we support you

Number 1

Communication Strategies and Content Creation

As you adapt and transform your organization, we’re here to help you communicate with your employees thoughtfully, clearly, and with empathy.

  • Develop campaign strategy presentations
  • Write copy for various digital mediums
  • Oversee editorial calendars and cadence
  • Manage creative and tech talent

Content Publishing and Management

We will help you achieve your goals by implementing a process to consistently create and release content, while also identifying ways to improve your capabilities. 

  • Build, test, publish, and update content
  • Manage user access and permission
  • Consult and liaise with IT and agencies
  • Take inventory and audit existing content
Number 2
Number 3

User Experience and Graphic Design

Yeah, if you don’t look good, then we don’t look good. We founded our subscription model to sustain a delightful, valuable user experience that combines audience needs with business goals.

  • Graphic design for content and social
  • Audience research interviews and persona
  • Information architecture and wireframes
  • User experience/website interface

Development and Feature Enhancement

Tech muscle without the hassle. We are a service organization, and our technologists are here to find ways to help you achieve your goals.

  • Coding and programming
  • Develop custom features and functionality
  • Track and resolve errors and bugs
  • Update platform security and plugins
  • Manage a “wish list” of features
  • Test functionality
Number 4
Number 5

Management and Metrics

Success comes from a cadence of healthy discussions about where we are and our progress to where we’re going.

  • Meet regularly for updates and planning
  • Coordinate team communications and docs
  • Review metrics and trends to inform action

All across a spectrum of tech options

We can support you over a variety or a combination of communication technology platforms. If you don’t see yours on this list; chances are, we can work with it.

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Solutions Talent

The right talent dedicated to you

The power behind our talent is how we all work together and support one another. Yes, you will have a dedicated team; beyond that, everyone at Local Wisdom is there to back them up.

We fit like a key to complete your team

Our Subscription and Studio models are ideal for this solution. With these models, we can scale from a dozen hours per month to support your team or create a full-time center of excellence for your entire organization.

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