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Migrate Intranet Content Across Platforms: SharePoint, Staffbase, Drupal, and More

If your current intranet isn’t up to par, it’s time to consider a new one.

Intranets are powerful connection tools within any organization... and the constant upkeep can be a huge challenge for even the most mature comms teams.

Information quickly becomes outdated as policies change, content gets disorganized with each organizational shift, and once-active news feeds can go dark after a while. Throw in the ever-evolving workforce and emerging technologies, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We get it.

With any intranet redesign project, content migration is a key component. Automated migration is too risky and manual migration is a time-suck.

It’s necessary to get it right, and we’re here to help. Our team believes that intranets can connect employees with the vital information they need and be manageable behind the scenes. If you’re ready to reimagine what your intranet can do for your employees, let’s make it happen.

Migrating an intranet is a massive undertaking.
We’ll do the heavy lifting. 

With decades of intranet experience under our belt, our team will quickly jump in and help you navigate the process of migration. We have a proven track record of success with implementing a variety of technologies, managing high-profile digital channels, and serving Fortune companies. Our process is tried and true, and less stressful than going at it alone. 

Perfect for organizations wanting a new platform
for existing content, such as:

Company-Wide Calendars
and Event Details
Pages and
Employee Initiatives
and Programming
News Feeds
and Blogs
Policies and
Recognition and
Videos and Image

What Technology? Well, What Do You Use?

Local Wisdom is a technology-agnostic shop. We use what our clients already have – or are looking to switch to – to the fullest and have an array of expertise with technologies and solutions to recommend.

Software logos
Software logos

Here’s how we’ll get you going:

Audit, Research, and Recommend

We’ll help you assess what content needs to be relocated and updated, and then determine how it will appear on your new platform.

  • Pinpoint what content needs to be migrated and updated
  • Assist with copywriting and copyediting where needed
  • Identify key stakeholders to engage in the process
  • Define transition process and launch plan
Number 1

Design Intranet and Optimize User Experience

We’ll ensure the migrated content not only meets the needs of your employees, but that it’s easy to update and maintain long-term.

  • Intuitive design that’s easy to navigate and follows brand guidelines
  • Audience and business interviews
  • Information architecture and wireframing
Number 2

Build Intranet and Migrate Content

Once you sign off on the wireframes, we’ll begin building your new intranet and populating with approved content. You won’t lift a finger!

  • Manage all content to be uploaded
  • Create and implement all brand elements
  • Build and layout all pages
  • Coding, programming, and customization
  • Ensure you understand your new platform and its capabilities
Number 3

Test and Launch Your New Intranet

Prior to launch, we’ll do a thorough check of your platform to ensure it works exactly as it should. Then we’ll help you promote it internally so that employees are aware of – and excited for – this transition!

  • Confirm user access and permission
  • Testing and quality control
  • Teach employees how to navigate the new platform and utilize the content
Number 4

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Solutions Team

The talent you need to organize your world

Intranet migrations can be a bit messy, like organizing your kitchen cabinets. Let our team of experts work with you step-by-step to move your content to a better home.

We’ll meet you right where you are

Our Project and Subscription models are ideal for this solution. With these models, we can support your team as a standalone mission, or we can scale from a dozen hours per month to provide ongoing support.

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