Creating Empathy With Virtual Reality Experiences

Creating Empathy Through VR Experiences

Dan Spedaliere

By Dan Spedaliere
Production Director

Creating Empathy Through VR Experiences

Most of us are familiar with the adage “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”.

What about “open a jar a pickles with someone else’s arthritic hands”, or “live a day in the life of someone enduring PTSD”?

In reality, virtual reality is quickly maturing beyond the gaming industry and experts see the true potential of VR as a social technology to bring us together. Not just together in the same virtual space, but together in gaining a better understanding each other.

Local Wisdom has been exploring this exciting layer of VR and has developed an experience where users walk through an apartment while experiencing the visual impairment of a migraine. Body VR takes aim at building empathy through understanding what it’s like to experience an ailment plaguing 37-million US residents.

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