Local Wisdom Plants Roots in Historic New Hope - Lambertville - Local Wisdom

Local Wisdom Plants Roots in Historic New Hope – Lambertville

Liliana Torres

By Liliana Torres

Local Wisdom Plants Roots in Historic New Hope – Lambertville

A quaint town situated near Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware isn’t the place you’d quite expect to find a digital agency. Like Local Wisdom, the New Hope – Lambertville area is anything but typical. It happens to be a major cultural hub outside of Philadelphia and a significant landmark of the American Revolution.

The area has industrial roots that have flourished into art galleries, exotic restaurants, and vintage boutiques. A scenic walk across the bridge and over the Delaware and you’re in either Lambertville, New Jersey or New Hope, Pennsylvania (depending on which side of the bridge you stand – I suppose you could be in both states at the same time). Tucked away and perhaps not as lofty as its neighbors, New York City and Philadelphia, its secluded nature was a strategic passage for General Washington and his Continental army to surprise Hessian soldiers stationed in Trenton.

As an evolving digital agency, we aren’t exactly trying to surprise anyone across the Delaware, but we are starting a digital revolution of our own. Beginning our roots in a basement, LW eventually made its way through Princeton and settled into New Hope – Lambertville in May of 2016. I’d like to think Washington would be proud of the route we took to get here. Breaking into new territory, Local Wisdom, historically a web design and development company, is also breaking into the worlds of virtual reality and creative writing. We are revolutionizing the way we interact with technology and the way we tackle complex business problems.

On any given day, you can find our employees breaking ground in our lab, designing beautiful websites, or taking a lunch stroll around town. We’re not hard to miss – we travel in packs and we laugh like a group of teenagers.

You can find us at some of our favorite lunch spots:

  • DiNapoli’s
  • Café Galleria
  • Full Moon
  • Tacos Cancun
  • City Market

We love meeting new people – stop by or join our lunch strolls:

287 S Main Street

Lambertville, NJ 08350

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