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The One Where FRIENDS Quotes Can Make You a Better Coworker

Lauren Moran

By Lauren Moran
Communications Strategist & Manager

The One Where FRIENDS Quotes Can Make You a Better Coworker

The One Where Life Imitates Art.

Lauren and Brielle are colleagues and friends, but equally important, they are fans of the iconic sitcom FRIENDS.

The duo constantly talks in FRIENDS quotes, making comments to each other that nod to the show – even in meetings where sometimes other people catch the reference, but other times, they don’t. Which is fine because it’s a harmless and cheeky form of communication that brings joy to the pair. Since these FRIENDS references are already worked into their M-F, 9-5 workday, it felt natural to translate some of the show’s more famous quotes into lessons learned in the workplace.

So, together, Lauren and Brielle created this blog post to let others join in on the FRIENDS reference fun. It can bring you a chuckle or two, whether you are a fan of the show or not. While this may be an “IYKYK” situation, stick with us, as you’ll find important lessons that will resonate – even if you don’t get the reference at first glance.

The One with the Quotes:

💬 “THEY DON’T KNOW THAT WE KNOW THEY KNOW WE KNOW”: Be honest with people. Share information that should be shared. The mental gymnastics behind trying to keep secrets unnecessarily makes it complicated for everyone.

💬 “PIVOT, PIVOT, PIVOT!”: When the going gets tough, find another way. Be scrappy!

💬 “SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!”: Sometimes if you don’t have something valuable to add to the conversation, you don’t have to add to it just to say something.

💬 “I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT I WAS TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR…YOU HAD RAMBLED ON FOR 18 PAGES. FRONT AND BACK!”: People are busy. Be complete, but also concise. Don’t use 10 words when five will do the trick.

💬 “WE WERE ON A BREAK!”: Take your PTO. It is essential for employee well-being and productivity.

💬 “UNAGI IS A STATE OF TOTAL AWARENESS”: Show interest in your colleagues work and find ways to collaborate and partner together! Ahh, salmon skin roll. 🍣

💬 “I AM NOT GREAT WITH ADVICE, CAN I INTEREST YOU IN A SARCASTIC COMMENT?”: Be yourself. Show your personality and strive to be a people-first company. (P.S. We wrote a whole blog post on that, and you can find it here!)

💬 “REMEMBER, IF I’M HARSH WITH YOU, IT’S ONLY BECAUSE YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.”: Don’t take Monica’s approach here. If you have feedback for a colleague because they aren’t doing something the “right” way, share your thoughts in a constructive way, not an aggressive one. Also, take constructive criticism. It is a valuable tool for growth and improvement.

💬 “I WISH I COULD, BUT I DON’T WANT TO.”: Don’t be afraid to set personal boundaries at work.

💬 “I JUST SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO MAKE DECISIONS ANYMORE.”: It’s natural to become overwhelmed at times. If you’re not in the right headspace to make important decisions, check in with a trusted colleague for advice or assistance.

💬 “IT’S LIKE ALL MY LIFE EVERYONE’S TOLD ME YOU’RE A SHOE. YOU’RE A SHOE, YOU’RE A SHOE, YOU’RE A SHOE. WELL, WHAT IF I DON’T WANT TO BE SHOE? WHAT IF I WANNA BE A PURSE, OR A HAT?”: It’s never too late for your career to change course or to learn a new skill.


💬 “LIPS MOVING, STILL TALKING!”: Listen to your coworkers and do your best not to interrupt them when they’re speaking and sharing ideas.

💬 “IT’S LIKE A COW’S OPINION. IT’S MOO.”: Focus on the facts and don’t spend too much time thinking of “could-be” scenarios. Take action.

💬 “I WASN’T SUPPOSED TO PUT BEEF IN THE TRIFLE!”: 3 things: 1. Make sure you have coworkers you can trust to be honest with you and give honest feedback, 2. Realize that we all make mistakes, 3. Read directions carefully before moving forward on a project.

💬 “HOW YOU DOIN’?”: Keep realistic tabs on your own workload and try to check in on your colleagues as well to offer assistance. Our CEO, Pinaki Kathiari, regularly reminds us to raise a hand if we’re feeling overwhelmed.

💬 “SMELLY CAT, WHAT ARE THEY FEEDING YOU? SMELLY CAT, SMELLY CAT, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT… THEY WON’T TAKE YOU TO THE VET. YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY NOT THEIR FAVORITE PET. AND YOU’RE NO FRIEND TO THOSE WITH NOSES.”: If your co-worker smells, don’t make a song about it. Just gently let them know and maybe buy them some soap with a pleasant fragrance! 🧼

Okay, maybe not the last one (haha) but we would be remiss to not have a “smelly cat” reference in here!

The One With The Moral:

Jokes aside, FRIENDS is a show that may seem like a silly sitcom, but there are actually a lot of valuable lessons that can be learned from the show’s characters and their interactions. So next time you catch a rerun marathon, take a moment to think about the lessons that you can learn from the characters and send us your best workplace lessons to add to our list!


Note: These illustrations were hand-drawn by our incredible Designer, Cece George.