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“Twinning” at the Office

Justin Rossi

By Justin Rossi
Associate UX Director

“Twinning” at the Office

Imagine working at the same place as your best friend. A friend who holds the same job title as you, who shares the same interests and hobbies as you, and also happens to look identical to you. Sounds surreal, right?

What seems like a unique situation for many is actually a normal occurrence for me and my brother. Growing up, my brother and I always did everything together – from our matching wardrobes to our quiet demeanor – it was rare to find one twin without the other. “Where’s your twin?” friends would ask if one of us showed up “twinless.” It is just as fascinating for us to anticipate and hear reactions as it is for people to jumpstart the conversation.

Let’s face it – it isn’t every day that you meet twins who share the same lives. We like the attention and we don’t mind taking full advantage of it in certain situations. Despite having the same talent, we never felt like we needed to compete with one another, even when participating in community art contests or similar events. Now that’s not to say we don’t get on each other’s nerves – we do, rarely – and we’ve had a few fights. However, we are quick to forgive each other minutes after the final swing! Just don’t ask me who wins.

In college, we took the same classes and studied the same major. As an artist, I never tried to deviate or find a separate career path. I felt we could accomplish more together by combining our skills. We started as interns after a humorous exchange with HR regarding a duplicate application with a different name, and before you ask – yes we were interviewed separately. My brother and I helmed the title, “twin-terns.”

Knowing someone really well has its advantages. You don’t have to wait it out to discover their strengths and weaknesses. No need to hunt them down after work hours, in a bar, to find out what really drives them. The need for a valued opinion is always available as well as an extra hand to help with deliverables.

Well, what about individuality? I think there are plenty of nuances between us and either of our work can stand on it’s own, leaving a strong impression. I know I will eventually find my own rhythm in my living and work situations. For now, I haven’t grown tired of my twin and plan to keep him around for awhile.

To be continued with the other twin…

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