Designing and Writing OAI’s Corporate Website

Bringing nearly 100 years of company culture into focus

Services Provided

User Experience (UX) • Design • Copywriting
• Development

Otsuka America, Inc. (OAI) is a holdings company with more than two dozen subsidiaries in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and consumer goods. Headquartered in Japan with a history that dates back nearly a century, Otsuka’s digital presence in America struggled to clarify which subsidiaries it oversaw, who members of leadership were, or what it meant to be an Otsuka employee. The message was simply lost. This problem was only magnified by branding and design elements that were inconsistent with other Otsuka websites. OAI turned to Local Wisdom to overhaul the website’s user experience (UX) as well as leverage our design and copywriting expertise to help clearly establish OAI’s brand identity and embolden its core messaging.

Our UX, design, development, and copywriting teams worked closely with the OAI team to build a brand-new corporate website from the ground up. The UX and design teams created an elegant user interface (UI) that was consistent with the branding and UI recently implemented by Otsuka US. The content team mapped out the information that would be most valuable to users and put it front and center to build a strategic information hierarchy around it. As our teams worked together, the OAI website was transformed from one sparse page to four pages rich with details about key topics such as Otsuka’s commitment to its customers, the company’s storied history, information about Otsuka subsidiaries, and the company’s distinct culture.

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