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Dr. Scholl’s In-Store Kiosk Redesign

We helped people move more comfortably 
by partnering with one of the leaders of orthopedic foot care.

Services Provided

User Experience • Design • Social Media Strategy • Copywriting

Goal: Increase customer engagement by personalizing the kiosk and post-kiosk experience.

Dr. Scholl’s is the household name in foot care and orthotics. In order to advance their mission to help people be more active and move more comfortably, they wanted to redesign their iconic insole kiosk experience. With 18 million people stepping on the kiosk each year, this was the optimal opportunity to learn more about their customers and engage with them off-kiosk through personalized content.

Local Wisdom was tapped to redesign the kiosk experience and develop a compelling downstream strategic communication campaign to create long-term customer engagement.


New Data Points Gathered


Million Users Per Year

Our approach created a seamless experience using imagery and graphics to gather over 25 key data points. Users can now create a profile with data points such as gender, age range, weight, occupation, and pain points, with only a few taps. Simultaneously, the kiosk was updated with a modern look and feel that speaks to where the brand is moving.



The post-kiosk strategy includes a dynamic email drip campaign that incorporated personalized data gathered from the kiosk; and a paid social media campaign using Facebook’s Custom Audience ad type to target kiosk users via email lists.

Launched in June 2020, the kiosk is currently being tested in 5,000 stores around the country.

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