Patient Assistance Foundation Website Designed and Developed for JNJ

Enhancing JNJ’s patient assistance program with thoughtful UX

Services Provided

Researching • User experience (UX)
• Design • Development • Websites

The JNJ Patient Assistance Foundation (JPAF) is an independent nonprofit that has donated free prescriptions to more than 500,000 uninsured, low-income individuals. Unfortunately, these patients were forced through a confusing user experience to determine their eligibility. The original website had cluttered navigation, outdated content, and no mobile optimizations. A staggering number of users bounced from the application page, which crippled the potential of the entire patient assistance program. Our team set out to do more than just streamline UX and design—we wanted to create a best-in-class patient support site deserving of the JNJ brand.


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To make JPAF accessible to patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers, we conducted a competitive analysis of all leading patient assistance programs. We ranked every site on key user-flow criteria and combined it with JPAF’s site analytics to make strategic UX adjustments. We simplified the eligibility quiz and application process, relocating video assets to explain the program, streamlined the nav menu, and more. Perhaps most importantly, we redesigned JPAF on desktop and mobile simultaneously to ensure optimal browsing on all devices. Since launch, the Foundation has seen an increase in application submissions and reduction in call volume.

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