Designing the BTG Snakebite Antidote Finder With Urgency in Mind

Streamlining data to help save lives

Services Provided

User experience (UX) • Design • Prototype
• Future Evolution

Snakebites are on the rise as up to 8,000 Americans suffer venomous bites every year (CDC). In some cases, these bites are fatal. In most cases, poison control centers find themselves racing against time to locate a hospital with the right dosage of the right anti-venom. This often involves frantic sifting through a robust and cumbersome data set. BTG turned to Local Wisdom to design and prototype an antidote finder web app that would allow poison control centers to instantly view the preparedness of nearby hospitals—saving time when it matters the most.






poison control


Due to its critical nature, Antidote Finder needed a clean, intuitive user interface (UI). Our UX and design teams worked together to create a single-screen UI that merges a robust amount of data into a small amount of screen space. Flexible and mobile-friendly, the app allows call centers to quickly search the nearest hospitals, assess preparedness levels, drag and drop location pins, and even write notes for other call-center operators. What began as a prototype was developed into a fully featured app that now helps save lives in most US states, and our future evolution service allows us to continually expand the app’s capabilities.


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