An iPad Presentation Builder for the Janssen Infusion Therapy Sales Team

Refining Digital in Infusion Therapy

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UX • Design • Mobile Development

Infusion therapy centers play a vital role for patients who are limited in the way their medication can be administered. For other patients, their condition is so severe that infusion therapy may be one of the few or only ways to alleviate their condition. When visiting infusion centers, the Janssen sales team initially used an iPad app for sales presentations and a Windows application to calculate optimization schedules; however, these systems were outdated, causing inefficiencies, and cutting into valuable time. We created an iPad presentation builder. It allowed the sales team to create multiple presentations customized with center-specific information to cater to each infusion center they visit. Altogether, the app gave the sales team the ability to quickly create and deliver on branded messages with the ability to customize content specific to their audience.




reduction time to create presentations


sales force use it
for every sales

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