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Designing a VR experience that improves learning and reduces costs

Services Provided

UX & UI Design • Prototypes • VR Experiences

An industry leader in infection prevention, ASP approached us looking for cost-saving opportunities for their STERRAD® Systems. STERRAD® machines are bulky, power-intensive, and prohibitively expensive to ship to tradeshows. After seeing our Human Body VR experience, ASP was impressed with hand tracking in virtual reality (VR) and asked us to explore the possibilities for future conferences. In addition to reducing costs and setup time, VR could help technicians try new workflows and boost learning retention without reprogramming interfaces.

We tackled the challenge holistically by storyboarding the workflow of every STERRAD® machine in the entire ecosystem, including the new systems ASP had recently launched. We created workflow demos using VIVETM controllers and Leap Motion hand tracking, listing the pros and cons of each control scheme. We created 3D mockups of how a VR-focused conference booth could be structured and how outward-facing TVs could attract new people to the booth. We even designed an extensive VR control center that could track and analyze eye gaze and movement—ensuring ASP learns as much from the experience as the user does.

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